Corporate Social Responsibility

As a growing business, we understand that our impact on a wider group of stakeholders and the environment is evolving.

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As a growing business, we understand that our impact on a wider group of stakeholders and the environment is evolving. Despite being a small company, Finegan Gibson is committed to being a responsible business, both in how we work with our clients but also in terms of how we contribute to the wider community and the world around us. It is important to our employees to work for a socially responsible organisation and our approach therefore reflects our people.


We endeavour to support our local community in our work and we recognise the significant contribution businesses in NI can make towards creating a more socially acceptable society. We therefore actively engage in fundraising for charitable causes and have been increasing our efforts in this field year on year.

In addition to the above charitable activities our employees, as well as the Directors, have contributed to local and global charities by donating funds to various NI and worldwide charities. Finegan Gibson has a policy of supporting all initiatives which our staff become involved in by donating funds and gifts for events and attending/holding fundraising events such as pub quizzes, activity days, marathons to name but a few.


We work hard to ensure that the environmental impact of our business is minimised in every possible manner. We promote an environmentally aware culture in our office, have a solid commitment to recycling all office waste and actively support transport options that reduce the carbon footprint of all our employees.

We attempt to minimise impact of our carbon footprint in a number of ways:

  • Continuing consultation with employees and environmental bodies on how to reduce impact
  • Educating employees in good environmental practices
  • Electronic copies of documents encouraged over printed copies
  • All paper and plastics are recycled after they have been used for their required purposes
  • Energy saving measures in place to minimise unnecessary electricity usage - such as at night and at times of inactivity
  • Administrative information recorded electronically where possible

We strive to continually improve our policy on the environment, and are currently investigating further ways to improve our environmental impact.


We provide the platform to enable personal development and fulfilment for individuals and for the firm to work together to make a difference as a team.

We strongly support and actively pursue equality and diversity in all aspects of our business. We do not discriminate against employees, suppliers, clients or candidates in terms of gender, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability or age. We believe it is the duty of each individual and business working with us to uphold these values in every part of their dealings with us.


We ensure that we buy and sell responsibly helping drive positive change within our local and global communities. We source local materials when we can and encourage business from all areas of the community.

We are proud of our progress towards becoming a socially viable organisation but recognise our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility must be ongoing and will change and develop as we develop as a business. By working alongside all our stakeholders and embracing CSR, we hope to open doors to new markets and opportunities and demonstrate our continued commitment to sustainable development. As we continue to take pride in our own business we commit to ongoing improvement of our CSR performance.

Charity partners

The Art of Caring

Finegan Gibson has been working with this Art Exhibition for over 20 years since it was established in 1994. The primary aim of the organisation is to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer (Belfast). Finegan Gibson has assisted the Exhibition in raising over £150,000 for this worthy cause, helping it to become the biggest charity exhibition in the country. We have had a direct impact in the success of the charity through our significant levels of cash donations, raising funds through events and the provision of staff time to assist with the management of the exhibitions.